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Bikeweek 2011

By myself at the Cabbagepatch. Had a great time as always despite missing half of it due to car trouble.

Fantasyfest 2010

Willy T's again with Brandon and Robbie Hall

Warning: Adult content

Biketoberfest 2010

the Cabbage patch website at:

Bike Week 2010


At the Cabbage patch again this year with Brandon. We fought the weather- it was cold and wet but we had a great time and did some great work. Check out the Cabbage patch website at:

Special thanks to Roger for being an amazing host.

Fantasyfest 09 Key West

Warning adult content

We were at Willy T's for Fantasyfest 2009 Again it was Pete Marin and Brandon Beck and I calling ourselves 'The Airbrush Sluts'. Note: Not all the pictures of body painting in this set are ours. It's impossible to capture the insanity of Fantasyfest in a few photographs. All the painted bodies depicted here are considered legal in Key West. If you see yourself here and wish your pic to be removed or moved to the members area please email me via the "contact" page. Many of the more explicit photos will be posted to the members area soon.

Biketoberfest 09

We were at the Cabbage Patch with Pete Marin and Brandon Beck, two excellent airbrush atists.

Brandon is from Daytona and Pete is from Tampa.

Daytona Beach Bike week 2009

Feb/ March 2009

We were on MAIN STREET beachside painting everything from T-shirts to bike tanks

Destination Daytona Mardi Gras Car Show

Not very eventful. Poorly attended and no category for the truck

Tampa T and A Customs Carshow 2009

We won first place for paint

Las Vegas SEMA Show 2008

The SEMA show was great exposure for us and we met some great people,

Had loads of fun, got very tired, and made important contacts and alliances.