Las Vegas SEMA Show 2008

This was our booth in the SEMA show.

I airbrusheda leather jacket which was auctioned off. Thanks to Barney's Leather of Daytona Beach.

and here are a few photos from the show.

The parking lot.

Put your sunglasses on, Paint you can fall into.

These are the best of the best. Fire needs some work I think.

Come to Jester Custom. We can fix your paint.

Mike Lavallee's presence at the show.

and Chip Foose. Celebrity and personality in the show car world. That's not me but I did appreciate the opportunity to meet him.

Gull wing everything.


The Badger airbrush booth. I think I'm going to switch to using the new Badger line of airbrushes.

HOK booth

Iwata booth. Some of the 'Celebrity' airbrushers painting on their wall.

I must confess, an excellent work of art.

Please stop using stencils!!!!!!!

Our road trip. Yes we drove to the show. 3000 miles.

Some more shots from the show