Body Art Gallery

Bodypainting video at the Cabbage Patch Fl.

Featuring artwork by David Lloyd (Skellum)

I have been airbrushing professionally for over 20 years and body painting for 5 years.

Body painting and body art has been around since prehistoric times. It is gaining popularity as an artform and a platform for self expression. Body painting has become a regular sight at events such as Fantasyfest, Bikeweek, Mardi gras, Earth day birthday and Newyears. Body art is increasingly becoming popular during corporate events, product launchings and private parties. If you are interested in learning more contact me.

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I use water based Hollywood make-up. Your skin can breath through it, sweat through it and it doesn't smudge. It is removed with soap and water.

If you are a model and are interested in expanding your portfolio with professional bodyart feel free to contact me.

Fantasyfest 2010

Fantasyfest 2009

Bikeweek 2011

Bikeweek 2010

Biketoberfest 2010

Biketoberfest 2009

Bikeweek 2009

Motorcycle and vehicle Airbrushing